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1. We set up solar installation appointments that give you are clients control over your solar contracts, contractors and subcontractors!
2. Buyers Advantage with 3 solar quotes!
here's how. 
3. Go to 3 solar companies websites. The first is our contractor Bill Marcus ( 20 years in solar industry.
   Fill in the information  first and last name, but then in the email column, put and phone 805-231-2100 
   Then send grow go solar  your electricity bill and leave the rest to us, because we our the ones that are influencing to buy your Solar system. 
   Now do the same for 2 more solar companies in your area and it well give you Bartering power and a way to see the difference in solar products and companies. 

4. Grow Go Solar highly recommends! That all solar installers video all the procedures for solar installations! Roofing, Solar Panels Mounting and Electrical.  It's Solar Crews and subcontractors that do the jobs, so Video for Quality Insurance Protection! 
 Plus it's a great way for a Solar Installations companies positive reviews!

Giving you control of your solar systems!
 Any Residential or Commercial buildings! 
Or directly thru Bill Marcus 
Zoom appointments or at your home or business!

Fully Insured and bonded! 
100% financing available!

          Please email, call or text  805-231-2100


            No problem!